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FastaCv is created with the belief that everyone should have free and easy access to a modern professional resume design
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FastaCv has built-in best practices for all career markets and works well with top ATS platforms such as Greenhouse and Lever
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FastaCv stores data locally in your browser so only you have access to your data and with complete control
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FastaCv is a professional resume builder tool for professionals, students, career beings. Curated by Omosayansii

Users love FastaCv

Students often make silly mistakes on their resume by using inconsistent bullet points or font sizes. FastaCv’s auto format feature is a great help to ensure consistent format.

Ms. Spiegel

I used FastaCv during my last job search and was invited to interview at top tech companies such as Google and Amazon thanks to its slick yet professional resume design.

Software Engineer

Creating a professional resume on FastaCv is so smooth and easy! It saves me so much time and headache to not deal with google doc template.

College Student

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Q1. What is FastaCv?

There are two ways to create a resume today. One option is to use a resume template, such as an office/google doc, and customize it according to your needs. The other option is to use a FastaCv builder, an online tool that allows you to input your information and automatically generates a resume for you.

Q2. How uniquie is FastaCv from other resume builders and cv templates creators?

Other than FastaCv, there are some great free resume builders out there, e.g. Reactive Resume, FlowCV. However, FastaCv stands out because it's privacy focused, ATS parsing supported.

Q3. Who created FastaCv?

FastaCv was created by Omosayansii

Q4. I want to Buy FastaCv Makers Coffee?

The best way to support FastaCv is to buy coffee, send tips, share your thoughts and feedback with us to help further improve it. To buy coffee please tap this link BUY COFFEE